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Preparing a child for school life is vitally important. Let experts at Park Hall Day Nursery take care of that for you. Our Pre-School class is completely devoted to helping your child get "school ready" while still providng the care and attention your little ones need.

Well-established pre-school for 3-4 year olds


Our Pre-School room is run by Jayne who is a fulltime, qualified member of staff with many years’ experience in early education. Being a mother she understands how it feels to be a parent. During your child's pre-school year our staff will encourage your child to be as independent as possible with things like toileting, hygiene and dressing.

Educational activities

At this level, we introduce a detailed and structured routine, which is designed to prepare the children for school life. Your child will be getting involved in topics and learning activities, taking part in circle time, getting used to a set routine, learning basic maths, literacy, science and many other activities on a daily basis. We have a small playground area at the rear of the room where children are able to free flow in and out as they please.

Teaching independency

Park Hall Day Nursery also offer sports coaching sessions on Tuesdays, (term time only) these classes will be instructed by Dan Hatton who is a qualified sports coach. These sessions will help your child learn about teamwork and turn taking. They will also help develop their physical skills like hand-eye co-ordination, balance and agility and will help them stay healthy.

Daily Activities

Educational activities



Sports classes